Texas Uncontested No-Fault Divorce Forms
prepared by Divorce Lawyer Gregory T. Josefsberg
Texas Do It Yourself Divorce Kit - A Unique Program
As someone considering a divorce in Texas, you have many
options.  First, you can hire a divorce lawyer who will give you
legal advice, draft the paperwork, file all of the documents,
and perhaps most importantly, go to court.  Second, you can
represent yourself by using a do it yourself divorce kit.  
Third, you may be able to represent yourself and have your
divorce documents prepared by Divorce Lawyer Gregory T.

By now, you may be asking yourself:  Why should I have
Houston Divorce Lawyer Gregory T. Josefsberg draft my
divorce documents?  Here are some of the reasons and an
explanation how the program works:

1.        All of the divorce forms are tailored to fit your case -
these documents are not "fill in the blank" forms.  Rather,
the  divorce documents are signature ready upon delivery.

2.        Gregory T. Josefsberg, a divorce attorney licensed to
practice law in Texas personally reviews each of the
documents for accuracy.

3.        Each client gets a "how-to" manual of instructions that
will take you through the uncontested no-fault divorce
process step by step.

4.        The divorce documents may be filed in any county in

5.        Once you provide all of the information required, you
can have your documents in as little as 1 business day.

6.        You can save hundreds of dollars!

here to see if you qualify.
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